Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Minor

The TESOL minor is targeted to undergraduates who wish to gain expertise in the field of English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching. The minor in TESOL also prepares students for short and long-term careers in ESL and EFL teaching in both the US and international contexts.

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Curriculum Overview

While students can combine the TESOL courses with any major, the curriculum will particularly benefit students in Linguistics, English, Foreign Languages, communication, international studies, and other related fields. However, with its emphasis on language and culture, as well as its focus on effective teaching and inquiry, minor in TESOL will complement almost any field of study.

Coursework Examples

Units required to complete minor: 16 units

Required courses (12 units)

Elective courses (4 units required)

  • LING 375: Sociolinguistics * (4 units)
  • LING 405: Child Language Acquisition (4 units)
  • LING 410: Second Language Acquisition* (4 units)
  • EDUC 421: Global Issues: Impact on Educational Outcomes (4 units)
  • EDUC 422: Social Change, Difference and Access to Schooling (4 units)
  • EDUC 423: Unrealized Promise and Hope the 21st Century (4 units)

*LING 375 and LING 410 will require a prerequisite of LING 210


The undergraduate minors allow students to attain a foundation in understanding different aspects of the field of education.

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