Financial Benefit

One of the major benefits of the progressive degree program is starting work on a master’s degree while you are still completing requirements for a bachelor’s degree. It is a great opportunity to deepen your learning, while preparing for your future career, and to do so in as little as one additional year.

In addition to the ability to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in your time at USC, you may also qualify to have the master’s tuition cost lumped  into your undergraduate tuition rate. Each student has a unique financial situation, so we encourage you to contact USC Financial Aid with your questions about progressive degree programs.

For your reference and planning, please review the tuition costs for the respective master’s programs below. Please note that this is the tuition costs for master’s students, and progressive degree students may receive a different cost based on your classification with USC:

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Progressive degree students are classified as undergraduate students until their undergraduate degree is conferred or they complete 144 units, whichever comes first.  We encourage you to review the USC Financial Aid webpage about progressive degree programs here.

Students are encouraged to check with the financial aid office to see how a progressive degree might impact their current aid. 

Sample Graduate Tuition Costs

Estimated cost of tuition is based on the 2019-2020 rate of tuition of $1,928 per academic unit plus estimated program fees. Fees include the USC student health insurance plan, the USC student center health fee, the Norman H. Topping Student Aid fund, the graduate programming fee and new student fee. Please note that as a progressive degree student, you are classified as an undergraduate student until conferral of undergraduate degree, or after completion of 144 units, whichever comes first. Please reference the information below for planning purposes only.

Tuition and fees typically increase 3-5% each year, beginning with the fall term each year. The estimated cost does not include books, housing, parking or projected increases. For a break down of tuition and fees, visit the USC catalogue page.

Sample MAT Graduate Tuition

Fall Spring Fall Total
Traditional MAT: Enrolled Units plus Tuition 10








Sample MAT TESOL Graduate Tuition

Fall Spring Fall Total
Traditional MAT TESOL Non Credential: Enrolled Units plus Tuition 9








Estimated Credentialing Fees

The requirements to be recommended for a California preliminary teaching credential involve some fees. See the table below for an estimate of costs.

Basic Skills Requirement – CBEST $102.00
Subject Matter Competency – CSET $292.00
Certificate of Clearance Online Application $52.50
LiveScan (varies $10-$35) $25.00
TB Test (varies $0-$100) $50.00
Healthy Environments $0.00
edTPA $300.00
CPR Training (varies $0-$90) $45.00
US Constitution Exam (varies $0-$85) $42.50
Total $914.00