Course Descriptions

Multilingualism and Multiculturalism minor

EDUC 411: Sociopolitical and Raciolinguistic Contexts of Multilingual Education (4 units)

A systematic study of effective policies and practices of multilingual and multicultural education based on raciolinguistic and sociopolitical understandings of language learning.

EDUC 412: Linguistically and Culturally Sustaining Teaching (4 units)

An introduction to critical multilingual pedagogy for equitable, inclusive and effective language learning lesson design.

EDUC 420: Technology, Media, and Culturally Sustaining Education (4 units)

Select, create, and use multimedia and technology to plan for more effective and equitable learning in schools, communities and organizations.

 EDUC 426: Introduction to Educational Inquiry (4 units)

Acquire the knowledge and skills to be a competent consumer and producer of educational research.

Students who enroll in the MAT-TESOL progressive degree program may waive two required courses as a result of completing this minor. Learn more >