Course Descriptions

Education and Computing minor

ITP 115:  Programming in Python (2 units)
May be waived with the completion of ITP 165 or CSCI 102L or a placement test.

Learn how to write programs in Python, an easy-to-read programming language used for web applications, data analysis and scientific research. You’ll learn to think like a programmer to solve problems, control flow and implement graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to create simple programs.

ITP 330: Computational Thinking through Programming (4 units)
Explore equity and access in computer science education and computational thinking through problem solving techniques, self-reflection and the application and facilitation of learning activities.

EDUC 422: Equity and Education Foundations (4 units)
Examine the relationship between education and society; identify intractable issues denying access to quality education by race, class and gender.

EDUC 436: Application of STEM Curriculum and Pedagogy (4 units)
Explore the integration of curriculum, teaching and technology in urban school communities.

ITP 430: Computing Education Capstone (4 units)
Explore computational thinking and educational practices while learning about problem solving, algorithmic thinking, computation principles and the diversity of topics in computing education. Build upon and apply knowledge of educational equity, social foundations and pedagogy while focusing on transforming K-12 computing education. During the course, you will lead group discussions, develop and present computing curriculum, and design, implement and grade a computing project.