Course Schedule

Course Schedule

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The World Masters in Language Teaching (WMLT) dual degree program is on hiatus and will not accept applications for the 2021 school year. The 2021 application for the MAT-TESOL program will be available beginning August 1, 2020.

The sample course schedule below provides an overview for planning purposes. For the most accurate information about IBERO courses, please speak with your IBERO admissions representative.

Year 1

Fall Semester at USC
(6 units/8 units with elective; and 8 credits at IBERO)

EDUC 656 | (3 units)

Applied Linguistics for English Language Educators

Introduction to systems of English language and language in use. Contrasts systems of English to other languages to identify issues of interest for language teachers.

EDUC 521 | (3 units)

Assessment and Instruction for Diverse Language Learners

Assess practices and strategies in English language instruction with special attention to learner differences (social, cultural, physical and intellectual) that influence academic performance.

EDUC Elective| (2 units) Required for International Students Only

Directed study in multilingual education for equity. Introduction to language education frameworks and practices to improve learning opportunities and outcomes in urban settings and to address disparities that affect historically marginalized groups.

MED 100 | (8 credits)

Contemporary Pedagogical Theories

Overview of the current development of teaching theories in practice through the critical analysis of their implementation in different educational contexts.

Spring Semester at USC
(8 units/10 units credential track)

EDUC 639 | (4 units)

Approaches and Strategies of Language Teaching

Overview of approaches, models and strategies in language teaching, topics include lesson planning, implementation of the lesson for language and content area instruction.

EDUC 655 | (4 units)

Social Foundations of Language Education

Examine learner behavior, ability and language to access strategies to differentiate, scaffold and assess learning.


Clinical Practice Seminar A

First of two-course series focused on helping you translate theory to practice. Designed for students completing fieldwork required for the teaching credential.

Year 2

Summer Session at IBERO
(28 credits at IBERO)

MED 116 | (4 credits)

Communication in Spanish and Education

Introduction to linguistics and communication skills in Spanish to identify topics and skills that are important to teachers in the classroom context.

MED 105 | (8 credits)

Educational Psychology

Analyze the cognitive and behavioral processes that influence learning giving special attention to learner differences (social, cultural, physical, and intellectual) that influence academic performance.

MED 109 | (8 credits)

Curriculum Theory and Design

Introduce lesson and unit planning, creation of learning environments, and effective class management skills.

MI 100 | (8 credits)

The Ethical Dimension of Humans

Reflect on one’s vision of the human being and their profession from an ethical perspective.

Fall Session at IBERO
(22 credits at IBERO)

MED 101 | (8 credits)

Research Theories in Education

Identify the current trends and classic methodologies in the field of educational research and analyzes the challenges for the educational institutions in the northern border in order to contextualize a research projects.

MED 108 | (8 credits)

Applied Statistics to Educational Research

Introduction to the main concepts of statistical language for the application of tools that allow the calculation of descriptive indicators and elaborate graphical representations of the data in educational research settings.

MED 107 | (6 credits)

Organizational Change and School Leadership

Identifies the different leadership practices in the educational field and analyses those that are more powerful in times of rapid change and in multicultural settings which involve diverse actors.

Spring Semester at USC
(4 units/6 units credential track)

EDUC 649 | (4 units)

Teaching Practice to Support Language Learners

Introduction to components of effective teaching, including lesson and unit planning, creating a classroom environment conducive to learning and classroom management strategies.


Clinical Practice Seminar B

Second of two-course series focused on helping you translate theory to practice. Part B also facilitates preparation for and submission of the EdTPA.