Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

As a student in the World Masters in Language Teaching program, you will be responsible to pay the tuition and fees for the program in which you are enrolled during each semester.

Master of Arts in Teaching —Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages with USC Rossier School of Education

The table below reflects the estimated cost of beginning the MAT—TESOL program in spring 2018. Estimated tuition is based on the 2017-2018 rate of tuition of $1,800 per unit and estimated fees of $2,584 per semester. The estimated cost of full-time study includes enrollment in the USC student health insurance plan. Tuition and fees typically increase 3-5% each year, commencing with the fall term. Estimated cost does not include books, housing, or projected increases over the length of the program.


  MAT—TESOL MAT—TESOL with credential
  Units Tuition and Fees Units Tuition and Fees
Spring 2018 8 $15,458 USD 10 $19,058 USD
Summer 2018 3 $5,400 USD 3 $5,400 USD
Fall 2018 7 $13,658 USD 9 $17,258 USD
Total 18 $34,516 USD 22 $41,716 USD

Master of Arts in Korean Language and Literature with Yonsei

For the most accurate information, visit the Yonsei website.

  Tuition and Fees
Fall 2017 KRW 4,854,000
KRW 1,028,000 (enrollment and other fees)
Spring 2019 KRW 4,854,000
Total KRW 10,736,000

Yonsei University Scholarship Opportunity

Upon successful admission to the WMLT program, all non-permanent residents of South Korea will be considered for a Yonsei University scholarship covering up to the full cost of tuition for the Master of Arts in Korean Language and Literature degree program.

Other Fees

USC application fee $90 USD

Additionally, a visa processing cost will be added for applicable students.