Course Schedule

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The PASA program requires 30 units and offers both full-time and part-time options. Students enrolling full-time are able to meet the degree requirements in one year. Students enrolling at a part-time pace can complete the program in 23 months.

Next on campus program start date: August 26, 2019

Sample Schedule

Full Time

Fall Semester

EDUE 563 | (3 units)

History of Higher Education

Examine the roles and functions of higher education from historical and contemporary perspectives, with a focus on equity and urban education.

EDHP 687 | (3 units)

Student Development in Higher Education

Review theories of college student development and application of developmental models to program design, interventions, outreach, and research programs.

EDHP 679 | (3 units)

Legal Issues in the Administration of Higher Education

Analyze legal issues related to the administration of higher education with an emphasis on relations with students, faculty, staff, alumni and campus communities.

(3 units)

Elective Course One

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Spring Semester

EDHP 560 | (3 units)

Identity and Diversity

Explore the historical and contemporary foundations of hierarchies and relationships of power, sociocultural diversity of experiences and sociopolitical resistance within higher education.

EDUE 571 | (3 units)

Research Methods and Applied Educational Ethnography

Explore the use of quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research to explore problems/opportunities of practice in higher education.

EDHP 657 | (3 units)

Management of Student Services in Higher Education

Examine the delivery of student services and programs in higher education, organizational behavior, management systems, administrative procedures and alternative leadership styles.

(3 units)

Elective Course Two

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Summer Semester

EDUE 616 | (3 units)

Higher Education Capstone

Demonstrate your accumulated training in the PASA program in a single original project, subject to instructor’s approval and supervision.

(3 units)

Elective Course Three

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