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The MAT—TESOL program requires a minimum of 24 units, with an optional credential track totaling 28 units. The degree program offers both full-time and part-time options, and can be completed in as few as 15 months.

Classes begin the week of August 22, 2022

Sample Full-time Schedule

Year 1

Fall Semester

EDUC 656 | (3 units)

Applied Linguistics for English Language Educators

Introduction to systems of English language and language in use. Contrasts systems of English to other languages to identify issues of interest for language teachers.

EDUC 526 | (3 units)

Language Teaching: Planning and Instruction

Introduces a broad range of theories that inform and underpin second language learning and teaching, their critical review, and applications for designing of classroom learning and teaching experiences.

EDUC 521 | (3 units)

Assessment of Instruction for Diverse Language Learners

Assessment practices and strategies in English language instruction with special attention to learner differences (social, cultural, physical, intellectual) that influence academic performance.

Spring Semester

EDUC 639 | (4 units)

Approaches and Strategies of Language Teaching

Overview of approaches, models and strategies in language teaching, topics include lesson planning, and implementation of the lesson for language and content area instruction.

EDUC 655 | (4 units)

Social Foundations of Language Education

Examine learner behavior, ability, and language to access strategies to differentiate, scaffold, and assess learning.

Year 2

Fall Semester

EDUC 649 | (4 units)

Teaching Practice to Support Language Learners

Introduction to components of effective teaching, including lesson and unit planning, creating a classroom environment conducive to learning, and classroom management strategies.

EDUC 596 | (3 units)

Technology Enhanced Language Learning Design and Instruction

Collaboratively design and deliver synchronous and asynchronous online language learning opportunities. Become versatile with adapting content, technical aspects of video-conferencing and interactional dynamics.


EDUC 660A | (2 units)

Clinical Practice Seminar A

First of two-course series focused on helping students translate theory to practice. Designed for students completing fieldwork required for the teaching credential.

Spring Semester


EDUC 660B | (2 units)

Clinical Practice Seminar B

Second of two-course series focused on translating theory to practice. Part B also facilitates preparation for and submission of the EdTPA.

*Candidates interested in pursuing the credential track should consult with their academic advisor as soon as enrolled to discuss requirements and plan for completion.

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