Course Schedule

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Designed for working professionals, courses are scheduled during afternoons or evenings. Students enroll in 2-3 courses per term and attend synchronous online classes for approximately 5-7 hours, 2-3 days per week. The program follows USC’s semester calendar and is designed for completion by working professionals in 21 months.

The course sequence below is intended as an example and is subject to change.

Classes being the week of August 22, 2022

Sample Full-time Schedule

Year 1

Fall Semester

EDUC 503 | (3 units)

Learning and Motivation

Understand design and advancement of learning and motivation outcomes in various environments through a systematic examination and application of current research.

EDUC 508 | (2 units)

Interrogating Systems of Inequity in Professional Practice

Establish your professional foundation and philosophy as an educator.

Spring Semester

EDUC 570 | (3 units)

Research Methods and Data Analysis

Examine various research designs and their appropriateness for addressing different research questions, threats to validity and other challenges in research, and basic statistical methods and their use.

EDUC 589 | (3 units)

Human Lifespan Development

Discuss fundamentals of human physical, motor, mental, social, and emotional development, spanning the prenatal period through late adulthood.

EDUC 591 | (3 units)

Diversity: Power, Equity and Inclusion

Appraise practices that maintain power; create strategies to empower individuals and marginalized groups by intervening to achieve equitable outcomes in education, professions and communities.

Summer Semester

EDUC 579 | (2 units)

Media Selection and Evaluation

Understand selection and evaluation of media and technologies in support of instructional design based on a survey of current research and recommendations.

EDUC 582 | (2 units)

Assessment and Evaluation

Learn about concepts and procedures for assessment and evaluation of individual and overall performance in various learning environments.

EDUC 595 | (3 units)

Instructional Design

Discuss formulation and design of effective instruction; with an emphasis on analysis of media characteristics and instrumentation requirements.

Year 2

Fall Semester

EDUC 586 | (3 units)

Design of Learning Environments

Address design of learning environments through application of design principles; gain project-based practice in aligning instructional design, media selection, and the features of learning spaces.

EDUC 587 | (2 units)

Master’s Studio A

Create a proposal and design a capstone project that applies knowledge and skills learned throughout the program and prepare your coursework portfolio.

Spring Semester

EDUC 588 | (4 units)

Master’s Studio B

Implement the capstone project and submit your portfolio which will integrate program coursework.

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