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While a typical path to formal education in enrollment is a few classes as part of a broad higher education degree, the Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy (EMP) program is a comprehensive graduate program focused exclusively on enrollment management. As a result, you will be prepared with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to assume positions in the field of enrollment management at two- and four-year postsecondary educational institutions and private preparatory schools.

The EMP program links theory, research and practice in all areas related to enrollment management including organizational management, admissions and institutional positioning, financial aid and institutional finance, legal issues, diversity and student retention. Enrollment management analytics and strategic planning are also examined. In addition, all topics are explored from a framework of educational access for all.


Theories and Conceptual Models
  • Draw upon sociological theories that are used for the study of college choice, issues of multiculturalism and student persistence and success.
  • Understand the theoretical foundations of organizational theory and conceptual models related to educational finance.
  • Demonstrate how the espoused mission of an educational institution is linked to admissions policy and practices in a philosophical framework.
  • Study the latest research covering demographics, educational enrollment patterns and legal research related to issues of diversity.
  • Implement the latest research approaches to modeling student enrollment and outcome measures.
  • Examine recent research on higher education finance and the influence of financial aid on student enrollment.
  • Consider how theory and research can inform institutional practices that help educational organizations achieve their goals.
  • Complete course assignments that build toward a final strategic enrollment plan.

Capstone Experience
Every course in the curriculum has one or more assignments that require you to develop a plan that links your course assignments to practice. Examples of assignments include an institutional marketing plan, a plan to enhance student diversity on campus and a plan to increase net revenue from the entering class of students.

In the culminating course for this degree, you will create a five-year strategic enrollment plan for the educational institution at which you are currently employed (if you are not currently working at an educational institution, you will be assigned one). You will draw upon all prior assignments to develop this comprehensive plan.