Course Schedule

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The Master of Education in Enrollment Management and Policy online program requires a minimum of 30 units. The program can be completed in 21 months. All courses are required.

Classes begin the week of August 22, 2022

Sample Schedule

Year 1

Fall Semester

EDUC 690 | (3 units)

Framing and Enrollment Management
Instructor: Zina L. Evans

Define enrollment management, and Identify and research enrollment management practices. Refine academic literacy skills in writing and speaking. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of enrollment management units within an institution.

EDUC 691 | (3 units)

Admission Policy and Practice
Instructor: Jerome Lucido

Examine admission policy and practice within the contexts of history, social class, professional practice and the interplay of institutions and society. Examine holistic review, test-optional policies. Construct effective and equitable policies.

Spring Semester

EDUC 692 | (3 units)

The Role of Diversity in Admissions
Instructor: DeAngela Burns-Wallace

Learn about college access, the manifestations of diversity through the admission process, and the role of identities, demographics and intersectionality within them.

EDUC 694 | (3 units)

Legal Issues in Enrollment Management
Instructor: Art Coleman

Explore the legal issues in enrollment management and learn how to address the intersection of law and policy, including implications for decision-making by higher education officials.

Summer Session One*

EDUC 693 | (3 units)

Institutional Positioning in Student Recruitment
Instructor: Robert Massa

Explore market research, demand, pricing, value, segmentation, positioning, consumer-centric communication and the characteristics of a market-oriented enrollment management unit.

Summer Session Two**

EDUC 696 | (3 units)

Financial Aid in Enrollment Management
Instructor: Paul Dieken

Develop your skills examining institutional budgets, the role of tuition, influences on the price of higher education and the purpose and processes of applying for and packaging financial aid.

Year 2

Fall Semester

EDUC 697 | (3 units)

Research, Planning and Accountability
Instructor: Kedra Ishop

Develop a research perspective related to admissions, financial aid and student persistence while learning how to draft enrollment plans using campus research and external data.

EDUC 698 | (3 units)

Enhancing Student Retention
Instructor: Philip Ballinger

Critique student retention research, institutional policy and public policy incentives focusing on student success; and identify successful institutional interventions and the ability to create retention plans.

Spring Session

EDUC 695 | (3 units)

Organizations and Leadership in Education
Instructor: Jerome Lucido

Examine and utilize organizational theory to solve problems in leadership, change and decision-making at educational organizations, while also identifying and evaluating the role of external factors on educational organizations. Develop a theory of leadership and practice for managing within educational organizations.

EDUC 699 | (3 units)

Capstone Seminar
Instructor: EMP Faculty

Master the ability to synthesize institutional, public and non-public sources of data to write and orally present an enrollment management plan for both campus and external stakeholders.

*Summer Session One is 6 weeks, typically mid May to late June
**Summer Session Two is 6 weeks, typically early July to early August