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Global Executive Ed.D. alumni remain very involved with the current students of the program. If interested in speaking with any of them, please email

Alumni Profiles



Anja Abney Anja Abney EdD ’17
Dissertation: Factors Contributing To The Matriculation Of Saudi Arabian Students In The U.S. Academic System: An Evaluation Study
Country: Germany

Kiley Adolph Kiley Adolph EdD ’16 is the Director of Engagement for Project Lead the Way.
Dissertation: Establishing Domestic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Programs in the Global Market: An Innovation Study
Country: USA

Fawzi Ali Al-Ajji Fawzi Ali Al-Ajji EdD ’15 is Head of Qatarization at Maersk Oil Qatar.
Dissertation: Improving Math Achievement at Al Cornish Primary School
Country: Qatar

Catherine Atwell Catherine Atwell is the Head of Special Projects and a History and Social Sciences Instructor at Marlborough School in Los Angeles. She previously served as the school’s History and Social Science Department Head and 11th Grade Dean. Prior to joining Marlborough School, Catherine was Executive Director at Commercial Real Estate Women in Los Angeles and West Coast Attorney Recruitment Manager at Holland & Knight LLP. Catherine earned a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College and a Master of Arts in History from Stanford University.

Sana Al Buainain Sana Al-Buainain EdD ’17
Dissertation: Designing a Social Entrepreneurship Coaching Model, for Entrepreneurs
Country: Qatar

Turki Al-Mahmoud Turki Abdulla Al-Mahmoud EdD ’17
Dissertation: Evaluation of Career Development Counseling in Public High Schools in Qatar
Country: Qatar

Faisal Al Ali Faisal Al Ali EdD ’17
Dissertation: Increasing the Number of Petroleum Engineering Students in the United Arab Emirates
Country: United Arab Emirates

Azizullah Amir Azizullah Amir EdD ’17
Dissertation: Recruitment of Women Faculty to Staff a Gender Appropriate University in Afghanistan: An Innovation Study
Country: Afghanistan


Alison Badgett Alison Badgett EdD ’17
Dissertation: Integrating Education for Social Justice and Social Innovation: A Gap Analysis of a Program Innovation to Increase Justice-Oriented Action
Country: USA

Christopher Bankston Christopher Bankston EdD ’17
Dissertation: The TOEFL Exam Gateway: Understanding Performance Factors Among Community College Students
Country: USA

Nancy Bjorklund-Gass Nancy Bjorklund is the Associate Director for Comprehensive Internationalization and Director for Fiscal and Personnel Services for the University of Montana’s Global Engagement Office. She specializes in strategic partnership development, advancing the university’s internationalization efforts, and strategic planning and leadership development. Nancy teaches at UM in both the Department of Political Science and the School of Education, teaching courses in Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, and International Leadership. Additionally, Nancy serves as the Montana State Chair of the American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network. Nancy earned her Bachelor of Arts from Hamline University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Montana.

Ruth Claire Black Ruth Claire Black EdD ’16 is the Executive Director of Online Innovation and Online Education for the California State University system.
DissertationCoaching to Increase Retention in Online Degree Completion Programs
Country: USA

Candice Bledsoe Candice Bledsoe EdD ’14 is Chief Operating Officer of CHB Enterprise in Dallas, Texas, an education firm focused on promoting access to students.
DissertationThe Importance of Being a Global Citizen: Creating & Implementing a Global Education Curriculum for Urban, At-Risk Students
Country: USA

Russell Brodie Russell Brodie EdD ’15 was Director of Global Study Abroad and International Programs at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina.
DissertationIncreasing Study Abroad Completion at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU)
Country: USA

Angie Broeckel Angie Broeckel EdD ’17
Dissertation: Service-Learning and Character Development: An Analysis of Up with People Resulting in a Model of Global Citizens for Servant Leadership
Country: USA

Geeta Bidasha Brown Geeta Bidasha Brown EdD ’17
Dissertation: Retention of Online Students in an Addiction Education Counseling Associates Degree Program: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA


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Eric Canny Eric Canny EdD ’16 is the Vice President of Program Management at CEA Study Abroad.
DissertationSystemic Multilayered Assessment of Global Awareness in Undergraduate Students: An Innovation Study
Country: USA

Elizabeth Chan Elizabeth Chan EdD ’16 is a counsel attorney at the Law Offices of David F. Day and General Counsel for Millie’s Concept Inc.
DissertationCompliance training in multicultural workplaces: A gap analysis
Country: USA

Iris Chang Iris Chang EdD ’15 is an Associate Professor in the Department of Banking and Finance at Chinese Culture University.
DissertationIncreasing International Student Enrollment at a Taiwanese University: A Gap Analysis
Country: Taiwan

Daniel Chatham Daniel Chatham EdD ’16 is Director of Graduate Programs at the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, Riverside.
DissertationCreating a Comprehensive Professional Development Program for MBA Students: A Needs Analysis
Country: USA

Estella YM Chen Estella Y.M. Chen EdD ’17
Dissertation: Understanding Student Persistence in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): An Evaluation Study
Country: Taiwan


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Brittany Barker Brittany Debity-Barker is the Director of Student Leadership at Tennessee’s Department of Education. She is also the owner of Higher Education Resource and Leadership Development (HERALD), a consulting firm which provides institutions with services that range from staffing support and efficiency review to compliance audits and leadership development. Brittany is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Rhetoric, and was awarded her Master of Science in Leadership from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Adrian Donato Adrian Donato EdD ’16 is Dean (CEO) of The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary (TCBS). He is also the owner and founder of InterEd Strategic, providing international higher education consulting services to institutions across six continents.
DissertationLinking Shared Governance and the Strategic Planning Processes: An Innovation Study
Country: USA

Leeanne Dunsmore Leeanne Dunsmore EdD ’15 is the Branch Chief of U.S. Study Abroad at the U.S. Department of State.
DissertationPartnering with the Private Sector to Increase Graduate Enrollments: A Gap Analysis in a School of International Affairs
Country: USA


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Kona Facia Freeman Nepay Kona-Facia Freeman-Nepay EdD ’17
Dissertation: Creating A Language Immersion Teacher Recruitment and Development Pipeline: Understanding the Motivations and Needs of the Prospective Candidate
Country: USA

Eric Fung Eric Fung EdD ’17
Dissertation: Attracting and Retaining Talent: Improving the Impacts of Workplace Mentorship
Country: Hong Kong


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Crissy Gayagas Crissy Gayagas ’18
Dissertation: Assessing and Articulating the Impact of the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies: An Innovation Study

Frank Gettridge Frank Gettridge ’18
Dissertation: The Achievement Gap: The Principal and Children’s Literacy Initiative


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Sheikh Lukman Hamid Sheikh Lukman Hamid EdD ’15 is the Principal of Mechanical Training Centre College in Brunei Darussalam.
DissertationImplementing Competency Based Education Training to a Technical and Vocational Institute in Brunei: A Gap Analysis
Country: Brunei

Howard Hisa Howard Hao-Chun Hsia EdD ’14 is Deputy Director of Culinary Arts at the Kai Ping Culinary School in Taipei, Taiwan.
DissertationTeacher Proficiency in Soft Skills Instruction to Culinary Students at Kai Ping Culinary School: A Gap Analysis
Country: Taiwan

Fang-Ping Huang Fang-Ping Lena Huang EdD ’14 is the Director and Chief Counselor for the International Education Expert Union Counseling Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
DissertationIncreasing Student Enrollment at Kao Yuan University
Country: Taiwan

Ameena Hussain Ameena Hussain EdD ’16 is the Director of Programs and Summit at World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).
DissertationBuilding Local Capacity in Student Affairs at a National University in Qatar: A Gap Analysis
Country: Qatar

Kai-Li Hwang Kai-Li Hwang ’18
Dissertation: Diversity Initiatives in a California Independent School: From Plans to Reality


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Chio Heng Kenneth Iong Chio Heng Kenneth Iong EdD ’15 is Executive Vice President of Jwaii Group, LLC, a real estate development and property management company in Honolulu, Hawaii.
DissertationIncreasing International Student Enrollment at Saint Louis School: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Kenneth Ito Kenneth Ito EdD ’15 is the State Representative and Majority Whip in the Hawaii House of Representatives.
DissertationIncreasing Math Achievement at Hakipu’u Learning Center: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA


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Abdulhannan Kareem Abdulhannan Kareem EdD ’15 is the Executive Director Ministry of Frontier, Police Director Education and Training in the United Arab Emirates.
DissertationIncreasing Partnerships Between Education and Industry in the United Arab Emirates: A Gap Analysis
Country: United Arab Emirates

Sultan Karmostaji Sultan Karmostaji EdD ’14 is the Director of Abu Dhabi Colleges at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which includes Abu Dhabi Men’s, Abu Dhabi Women’s and Khalifa City Women’s Colleges.
DissertationIncreasing Emiratisation in Engineering Faculty Positions at the Higher Colleges of Technology
Country: United Arab Emirates

Dulcie Kermah Dulcie Kermah EdD ’15 is a faculty member in the College of Medicine at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, California.
DissertationIncreasing 9th Grade Students’ Proficiency in Mathematics : A Gap Analysis of a Private School in Ghana
Country: USA

Victor Koong Victor Koong EdD ’16 is the Founder and Managing Director of ArtsPlus, an early childhood education company in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
DissertationChild-centered, Play-based Curriculum at a Hong Kong Kindergarten and Nursery: A Gap Analysis
Country: Hong Kong

Gada Korayim Gada Korayim EdD ’16 is Head of English Program, Women’s Division, at Alfaisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
DissertationImproving Educational Attainment at a Bridge Program in Saudi Arabia: A Gap Analysis
Country: Saudi Arabia

Katerina Kuagina Katerina Kulagina EdD ’14 is an Assistant Dean of the School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University.
DissertationEstablishing the Presence of Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies in the Russian Federation: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA


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Hannah Lee Hannah Lee EdD ’16 has extensive experience as an instructional designer and learning consultant for higher education institutions in Seoul, Korea.
DissertationFostering Competent Instructional Systems Specialists at the Instructional Systems Technology Program
Country: South Korea

Jamie Lee Jamie Lee ’18
Dissertation: Expanding Bilingualism and Biliteracy Through a Student-Centered Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Secondary Schools: An Innovation Gap Analysis

Patrick Liew Patrick Liew EdD ’15 was previously the Chief Executive Officer of HSR Global Limited, a Singapore-based real estate company.
DissertationIncreasing Recruitment of Customers for a Financial Education Program: A Gap Analysis
Country: Singapore

Michael Lindsay Michael Lindsay EdD ’16
DissertationDefining and Operationalizing the Proficiencies Necessary to Execute Missional Statement Concepts of Student Spiritual Development at Rio International School: An Innovation Gap Analysis Study
Country: USA

Li Liu Li Liu ’18
Dissertation: The Influence of Internationalization and Localization’s Integration on Expatriate Teacher Retention in an International School in a Developing World Context

Arturo Michael Lozano Michael Lozano EdD ’15 is the Director of English Programs at a network of schools in Shenzhen, China.
DissertationIncreasing English Performance in Chinese Schools: A Gap Analysis
Country: China


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Nefertiti Makeda Nefertiti Makeda ’18
Dissertation: Making a Case for Teaching Religious Literacy in Ethiopian Schools: An Innovation Study

Michael McAlister Michael McAlister ’18
Dissertation: Deepening Awareness: The Integration of Mindfulness Practices in United States High Schools

Kathryn McFarland Kathryn McFarland EdD ’15 is Vice President for Enrollment and Online Programs at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida.
DissertationSelf-Regulation Plans and Online Student Persistence: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Troy Mcvey Troy McVey EdD ’17
Dissertation: Improved Student Success At CSU Dominguez Hills: A Promising Practice Study
Country: Guam (USA)


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Joseph Nettikaden Joseph Nettikaden EdD ’14 is Chief Information Officer of Ejol Education.
DissertationInvestigating the Lack of Use of Technology by Teachers for Instructional Activities in the Classroom: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Mary Anna Noveck Mary Anna Noveck EdD ’14 is on the U.S. Advisory Board of imagine1day.
DissertationPrimary Completion and Achievement for 8th Grade Girls in Rural Ethiopia: A Gap Analysis Model for Gender Inequities
Country: USA


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Rhonda Parks Rhonda Parks EdD ’15 is an Adjunct Professor of Education at Concordia University in Irvine, California, and Vice President of So Cal Properties, which is located in Redlands, California.
DissertationThe Increasing Need for Global Education in Kindergarten to Grade 12 Curriculum: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Wilson Peters Wilson Peters EdD ’17
Dissertation: Next Generation Science Standards Implementation in K-12 Hawaiian Language Immersion Classrooms in the State of Hawai’i: An Evaluation Study
Country: USA

Ing Phansavath Ing Phansavath EdD ’15 is the Program Director at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension.
DissertationCreating Excellent Learning Experiences: A Gap Analysis of a University Extension Program
Country: USA

William Pierros William Pierros ’18
Dissertation: Creativity and Innovation in Undergraduate Education 

Charles Prince Charles Prince ’18
Dissertation: Advancing Retention Strategies at a Historically Black College & University


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Raymundo Reyes Raymundo Reyes ’18
Dissertation: Leading the Country in TVET: Don Bosco Technical Vocational Education and Training Center


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Brenda Sinclair Brenda Sinclair EdD ’15 is a Global Education, Gender and Evaluation Consultant for Global Education Advisors, based in San Francisco, California.
DissertationImproving Early Grade Reading Instruction in Ghana: A Discrepancy Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Aaron Smith Aaron Smith ’18
Dissertation: Closing the “College Aspirations – Enrollment Gap” in America’s Urban Public High Schools: An Innovation Study

Timothy Smith Timothy Smith ’18
Dissertation: Measuring Student Persistence at an Alternative Charter High School: Internal School Evaluation and External Policy Implications


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Shamsiah Z. K. Tajuddin Shamsiah Zuraini Kanchanawati Tajuddin EdD ’14 is the Director at the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA) at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).
DissertationThe Impact of Elementary School Leadership on Student Achievement: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Michèle Turner Michèle Turner EdD ’14 is the Chief Executive Officer of Metropolitan Radiology, Inc.
DissertationInstitutional Diversity Policy Improvement Through the Lens of Black Alumni Stakeholder Leadership
Country: USA


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Matthew Weaver Matthew Weaver EdD ’16 is a Captain and Flight Commander in the U.S. Air Force.
DissertationAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Minority Cadet Recruitment and Retention: A Gap Analysis
Country: USA

Jennifer Weinman Jennifer Sarah Weinman EdD ’14 is the Executive Director, Global Student Experience at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).
DissertationIncreasing International Student Application and Enrollment to a Branch Campus
Country: China

Alexandra Wilcox Alexandra Wilcox EdD ’16 is an attorney, education entrepreneur and adjunct faculty member.
DissertationImpact of Education and Training on Entrepreneurial Engagement in a Global, Virtual Organization: An Innovation Study
Country: USA

John Wilkerson John Wilkerson ’18
Dissertation: Improving International Student Enrollment Strategies at Public Research Universities: A Gap Analysis

Nigel Winnard Nigel Winnard EdD ’17
Dissertation: The Role of Divisional Principals in Teacher Retention in East African International Schools
Country: United Kingdom


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Yongfei Zhao Yongfei Zhao ’18
Dissertation: Chinese Students’ Preparedness for University Studies in the US