Jaymon T Ortega

  • 2019

Research Concentration

  • Higher Education

Research Interest

Esports and Educaiton, Black and Latino Men, Racial Equity, Community Colleges, Student Athletes
Jaymon T Ortega

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Jaymon Ortega is a doctoral student at Rossier School of Education and Graduate Research Associate with the Race and Equity Center. Jaymon's research areas include Black and Latino men, racial equity, community colleges, student-athletes, and empowering students of color. 

Prior to USC, Jaymon earned his M.Ed. in Educational Counseling and worked at five community colleges in the Los Angeles area as a professor and counselor. Specficially, he worked with prospective high school students, Black and Latino men, first-year students, student-athletes, and student seeking career counseling. He also worked as an advisor with USC football and the Educational Opportunnity Program at the University of California, Berkeley.



Awards and Grants

USC Rossier Dean's Fellow '16

Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT)

UC Berkeley NUFP Fellow '15