Jeanette Zambrano

  • 2018

Research Concentration

  • Educational Psychology

Research Interest

Motivation, Teaching Practices, Culturally Relevant & Responsive Education, Self and Identity, Gender, Culture/Ethnicity, & Social Class
Jeanette  Zambrano

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Jeanette Zambrano is a PhD student in the Urban Education Policy program at the University of Southern California's Rossier School of Education. Jeanette is interested in motivational processes and how aspects of the self, the context, and other people shape these processes. She uses quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, and synthesis approaches to understand the nature of motivation and to inform education practices that support it.

Some of Jeanette's current work includes: (1) exploring the potential integration of theories focused on support for motivation with multicultural theories in education; (2) synthesizing the research on the link between STEM identity and persistence and achievement outcomes (including the examination of how the relationship changes depending on key features of the study design and sample); and (3) examining the current state of teachers' use of engagement-relevant instructional practices using nationally-representative data collected in 2022.