PhD alum publishes book about miseducation of English learners

of The Miseducation of English Learners Book CoverGrace McField PhD ’02 recently welcomed the publication of The Miseducation of English Learners. The book examines the research history, policy implementation and impact of the English Only mandate in California (Proposition 227), Arizona (Proposition 203) and Massachusetts (Question 2) that required Structured English Immersion programs, and effectively restricted student, parental and local access to quality, research-based multilingual education programs. The book includes both a legal history and legal analysis of the potential for advocacy for English Learners using Castaneda’s three prongs and other federal case law.

The book’s publication coincides with the announcement of Senate Bill 1174 by California Senator Ricardo Lara which seeks to repeal Proposition 227 in the state. The opening section of the book recounts lessons learned from the exit polls of Proposition 227 which informs current Senate Bill 1174 efforts. The author and book were cited in Education Week in an article titled, “Calif. Bill Would Repeal Bilingual-Education Restrictions.”