32nd Annual Summer Gifted Institute


Meet the Learning Needs of All Students

USC Rossier School of Education is pleased to offer FOUR summer workshops for teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches. Content for all workshops focuses on differentiating curriculum and instruction to recognize and respond to the diversity among gifted and high ability learners.
The Continuum of Differentiation

Two-day Institute with two after school online follow-up sessions for K-12 teachers and administrators.

Universal design and response to individual differences are now accommodated in a differentiated continuum to guide individualized and personalized educational experiences to uncover and challenge giftedness. This two-day institute introduces, demonstrates, and provides curriculum that shifts emphasis from teacher only to student-directed differentiation.

June 13-14, 2017 USC Campus

Differentiated Curriculum — A Unit Approach

One-day seminar for K-12 teachers and administrators (limited to 75 people)

An open-ended differentiated complete unit of study will be distributed to participants with the intention of teachers adding-to and personalize the unit for implementation in each participants classroom.

June 19, 2017 USC Campus

Differentiating Standards through Game Play

One-day seminar for K-6 teachers and administrators (limited to 75 people)

The institute utilizes games to design and implement differentiated curriculum related to the standards. The games will be introduced and implemented as an integral feature of teacher-directed and inquiry-based differentiation. The game-based differentiated curriculum will also be presented as independent study opportunities.

June 20, 2017 USC Campus

Differentiated Lessons: A Toolkit

One-day seminar for K-6 teachers and administrators

A publication with designed and field-tested differentiated lessons will be provided to participants with the instruction of how to accommodate the lessons for the needs, abilities, and interests of students and the demands of the core or basic curriculum across the disciplines.

June 26, 2017 USC Orange County Campus