Nichols represents USC Rossier at Future Learning 2020 Summit

Vance Nichols

Vance Nichols

Doctoral student and Noodle Innovation Scholar Vance Nichols represented USC Rossier last month at the EdCast Future Learning 2020 Summit at Stanford University, a conference on education innovation and technology.

According to EdCast, the May 29-30 event drew “over 150 brilliant educators and innovators” as speakers and participants from around the world shared their thoughts on digital learning, innovation in education technology and lifelong learning.

“It was a fascinating opportunity to represent USC Rossier and interact closely with many leaders in education innovation from diverse backgrounds and experience,” noted Nichols.

Karl Mehta, EdCast CEO, said that the Summit was designed to be a valuable event for a select group of senior leaders interested in the changing landscape of education, and that together they would “explore the lifelong learning arc for those across the globe, and the role of networks and community in that journey.”

According to USC’s Nichols—the incoming head of school at Alta Loma Christian School in Rancho Cucamonga and chair of the ACSI Regional Accreditation Commission—it did not disappoint.

“It was two days of intensely stimulating discussion—both publicly and intimately—revolving around where education is right now and the direction it needs to go, whether the focus is higher education and MOOCs and changing the DNA of college design, or whether we’re talking about early education and K-12 and re-shaping the foundational requisites for students to be successful in a changing world,” said Nichols. “No matter the age level or venue… all schools must examine their mission and vision and distinctiveness and seize the opportunity to provide a more personalized, transformational education for the good of students everywhere.”

The global-minded Future Learning 2020 Summit combined keynotes, panel discussions, ignite talks (reminiscent of an IDEO-styled approach) and open conversation to provide a rich and deep discussion for all interested in the next wave of learning. Areas of focus included: Emergent Models for the Future of Higher Education; Innovation across the Globe; and Industry View of Innovation in Learning.