Spring / Summer 2018

Spring/Summer 2018

The Science of Learning

From neuroscience and computer science to educational psychology and sociology, the interdisciplinary research underway at USC Rossier is reshaping what it means to teach and learn in the 21st century. Our faculty, students and alumni are translating this groundbreaking research on the science of learning into innovative interventions in the classroom, empowering both teachers and students in the process.

Dean’s Note

Dear Friends of Rossier
For much of my life, I’ve been either a student or a teacher. But I’ve always been a learner.
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USC Rossier neuroscientist showing how students’ emotional engagement is key to learning
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang’s social-emotional imagination quotient transforming classroom learning
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Breaking down the emotional barriers to science learning
Professor Gale Sinatra brings a real-world approach to the public understanding of science
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A USC collaboration with L.A. museum promotes the public understanding of science
An exhibit at La Brea Tar Pits and Museum will explore visitors’ emotions and motivations for science
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Empowering digital learning for Black and Latino students
Brendesha Tynes launches new center at intersection of technology, education and race
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Individualized learning attuned to students’ histories and cultures
Incoming professor uses learning analytics to put students’ needs first
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Social-emotional support from teachers is critical to boosting girls’ persistence in STEM
Erika Patall tracked high school girls’ classroom experiences and motivations in science classes
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A new all-girls school in LAUSD named after former superintendent Michelle King
Girls Academic Leadership Academy provides a supportive setting for STEM success
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Identifying and serving gifted and talented students at a younger age
Sandra Kaplan transforming GATE programs for underserved students
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EDL alumna founds new school that serves students impacted by homelessness
Hattie Mitchell EDL ’17 creates community at the Crete Academy in South Los Angeles
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CHARIOT begins testing wearable technology
New center helping teachers become more attuned to their students’ levels of engagement
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Q&A: Raven Barrow MFT ’12
Building resilience in individuals by strengthening communities
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CTBC Bank continues support of the USC College Advising Corps
Community-minded business has invested $300,000 in program since 2014
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