Guiding Principal

Students at A.E. Wright Middle School in Calabasas, Calif., share a robotics lesson with their principal, Elias Miles EdD ’21. PHOTO CREDIT: STEPHANIE YANTZ

Elias Miles EdD ’21, principal of A.E. Wright Middle School in Calabasas, Calif., earned a 2019 DSAG scholarship. His moving speech and thoughtful devotion to education showcased why he’s such a deserving recipient.

Why is education your calling?

I was drawn to education through the belief that we can make the world a better, more just and welcoming place for children. I began working with children at the local community center, when I was still in high school and have continued for my entire life. Being an educator is truly a calling and meaningful and rewarding work.

What does receiving that scholarship mean to you?

I have pursued the greatest impact on the lives of students that I can have and the support of Rossier through the DSAG scholarship made this that much more of a reality. Receiving the DSAG scholarship has given me the support of an expansive and impactful group of educators, whose support will allow me to do wonderful things on behalf of children. I was humbled to meet, connect with and be mentored by truly incredible educational titans who have worked for decades towards just and equitable schooling.

What are some of your proudest career moments so far?

Leading my school to a Gold Ribbon and Title 1 Achievement Award. Our school received the Gold Ribbon for supporting writing across the curriculum and the Title 1 award for the performance of our students from poverty. Another of my proudest moments was working with a team that remade Westchester High School into three thematic small schools. As a result of the reformation, school culture and student achievement improved dramatically.

What makes you proudest to be attending Rossier?

The education is bar none. The faculty—as well as my colleagues—have pushed my thinking, challenged me to be a better writer, thinker and teacher.