Spring / Summer 2019

Spring/Summer 2019

Yvonne Thevenot MAT ’14, founder/executive director of STEM Kids NYC, helps students explore mechanical engineering design. (PHOTO CREDIT: SHANNON SANDERS)

The Everything Educator

“Teacher” is just one of many roles required of this generation of educators. They have to navigate natural and political forces, find new ways to collaborate, develop novel techniques to engage students and still make time for personal and professional growth. As the USC Rossier School celebrates our 100th anniversary—as well as 10 years of both Math for America Los Angeles and our partnership with 2U—we also celebrate the endlessly creative and flexible ways educators rise to every occasion, in and out of the classroom.

Dear Friends

Of Presidents and Parrotfish
Learning from President Hilda Heine EdD ’04
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For the Love Of Math
After overcoming huge obstacles, Yasemin Copur-Gencturk is changing the way we teach
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Math for America LA has made a difference for 10 years and counting
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Digital Revol(2U)tion
How a transformative partnership between USC Rossier and a startup changed education
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In Case of Disaster
Superintendents confront natural calamities with preparation, leadership and care
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At First Strike
On the picket line after only two weeks of teaching
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Stronger Together
A creative vision for collaboration between charter and traditional public schools
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Into the Wild
A love of animals led Anna Becker MAT ’18 to educational opportunities at the L.A. Zoo
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Man in Motion
Kerin Alfaro ME ’20’s superheroic drive is matched by his heart
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The L.A. Education Exchange
The USC Rossier School and the Center for Engagement-Driven Global Education (EDGE) hosted a first-of-its-kind, two-day gathering for the leadership of L.A.’s public, private and parochial schools
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Marathon Memories
Shirley Parry PhD ’17 became one of only 41 women and 97 men to ever complete the World Marathon Challenge: seven marathons on seven continents in seven days
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Guiding Principal
Elias Miles EdD ’21, principal of A.E. Wright Middle School in Calabasas, Calif., earned a 2019 DSAG scholarship
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In Conversation: Multilingual Education

Lift Every Voice
Rob Filback and Jenifer Crawford push for multilingualism
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Dream and Grow
Yoder Academy’s Jerry Hsieh EdD ’07 is transforming Taiwanese education
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Rossier Supporters

Investing in Women
Veronica ‘Ronee’ Hagen ’68 and David Hagen ’67, MA ’68, EdD ’93 believe the future is female
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