Fall / Winter 2018

Fall/Winter 2018

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Bringing the future into focus

Insight flows from many sources — from momentous personal and familial histories, from deep commitments to communities and ideals, from decades of professional research and service. At our best, we draw these sources together into a collective vision for the future of education.

Dean’s Note

The future of education is not ours to shape alone
Collaboration and listening are paramount
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How a school of education found its place in Los Angeles
USC Rossier marks its centennial with an eye toward the future
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Equity and Access

Maintaining Our Competitive Edge Requires Equity
Underrepresentation in STEM subjects is higher education’s shame
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Students deserve bold leadership in fight for educational equity
Equity is not just a tool, but justice as well
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Reclaiming equity in word and deed
We must keep the focus on racial justice now and in the future
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What racially just educational systems could look like
A vision with a chance to become reality
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Finding the path to an inclusive future, by listening
Americans cannot wallow in discouragement
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Teaching and Learning

How we can use brain science to inform educational innovation
First: Understand how relationships matter
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Why teacher-preparation programs must embrace a shared goal
Going alone costs valuable opportunities
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Developing students’ voices begins with the curriculum
The power of using your words
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Getting beyond the three “Rs”
Service learning takes education to a new letter
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Let’s work toward being boring
What commonplace technologies teach us about next steps in personalized learning
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It’s time to ensure the promise of personalized learning
The future of education is in the hands and minds of students
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What graduate education can learn from Blockbuster and Netflix
Technological disruption is a given, but success can be elusive
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What machines and humans can learn from one another
Technology is reshaping what it means to be education
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Organization and Action

The rise (and fall?) of academic freedom
To maintain academic freedom in higher education, we need to preserve our core value
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The promise of higher education comes with inconvenient truths
Why we need a national recommitment to public funding of education at all levels
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To show what California values, look how it spends on schools
California’s budget would show an undervaluing of the state’s students
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Retaining good teachers requires more than better paychecks
Better support would also lead to better student outcomes
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How collaboration is supposed to work
Effective change requires collective action
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The measure of support
Donor bolsters the Joan J. Michael and William B. Michael Chair of Measurement, Evaluation and Accountability
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