Fall/Winter 2017

Fall / Winter 2017

Centering Equity

Leading the Way in Higher Education

Equity is not the same as equality,
diversity or inclusiveness. It is not about espousing policies intended
to benefit all students. Practices
that work well for white students
may be harmful to students of color
and perpetuate inequality.

Rossier Professor Estela Mara
Bensimon, director of the Center for
Urban Education, coined the term
“equity-minded” to describe what it
is to be “critically race-conscious as
opposed to colorblind.” Being equityminded,
she says, “means being
cognizant of how racism is produced
through everyday practices and
having the courage to make racism
visible and discussable.”

Dean’s Note

Dear Friends of Rossier
The seven faculty members who grace our cover together direct five research centers that are pursuing more equitable outcomes for college students.
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The Obstacles to Equity
Faculty are a necessary component of creating equity on campus but are often hindered by structure and culture.

By Ross Brenneman
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Professional organizations need more than an annual conference
Leaders of a higher education research association look to how to reject a status quo.

By Ross Brenneman
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Gateway to Equity
CERPP director’s research bolsters U.S. Supreme Court case on affirmative action.

By Matthew Kredell
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“Who We Say We Are”
A new research center emerges at the intersection of identity and social justice.

By Matthew C. Stevens
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Doing Racial Equity
The USC Race and Equity Center envisions colleges that are proactive about racial climate, rather than reactive.

By Matthew C. Stevens
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Beyond the Test
Assistant Professor Julie Posselt researches equity and well-being in graduate school programs.

By Martha Groves
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Improving Math Placement in Community Colleges
Tatiana Melguizo fosters a new partnership between LAUSD and the Los Angeles Community College District

By Matthew C. Stevens
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Hire Education
Center for Urban Education helps California Lutheran University overcome barriers to racial equity in its faculty hiring practices.

By Dan Gordon
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Expanding the Equity Universe
CUE Associate Director Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux is changing the world she left behind.

By Dan Gordon
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Equity Runs Through It
A new report from the Pullias Center explores the keys for success for retaining STEM majors at Cal State campuses.

By Matthew Kredell
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Understanding Persistence
A six-year study showing what it takes for first-generation, low-income students to succeed in college.

By Matthew Kredell
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Q+A: Cheryl Ching
Cheryl Ching PhD ’17, who completed her dissertation on constructing and enacting equity at a community college, is recipient of the 2017 Bobby Wright Dissertation of the Year Award from the Association for the Study of Higher Education (CUE).Read more
Paying It Forward
Dean Karen Symms Gallagher and Professor Pat Gallagher invest in USC Rossier students.Read more
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