Honor Roll


Thank you to all of our donors who generously supported the USC Rossier School of Education during fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019). Your gifts play an essential role in sustaining and expanding our student experience, programs and faculty research.

The following Honor Roll includes Academy members who supported Rossier with gifts of $500 or more.





CTBC Bank Corporation (USA)
David Hagen ’67, MS ’68, EdD ’93 and Veronica Hagen ’68◊
Dwayne Hall BA ’93*
Joan E. Herman and Richard Rasiej◊
David Powell DDS ’68, MS ’71 and Carol Powell
Eva Stern and Marc Stern


LEADERS $50,000+


Frank E. Baxter and Kathrine Baxter
Matthew Westerman and Sian Westerman*


INVESTORS $25,000+


James & Glenys Slavik Family Foundation
Virginia Campbell ’55
Deborah Goldman MBA ’93 and Jonathan Goldman*
Alidad Khayami and Samira Khayami*
Roger J. Rossier MS ’62, EdD ’72
Elliot Sainer and Marcia Sainer

MASTERS $10,000+


Robert Cardona BS ’49, MS ’50*†
Margaret Chidester EdD ’95 and Stephen Chidester
Karen Symms Gallagher and Raymond J. Gallagher◊
Kathleen McCarthy Kostlan ’57 and Frank Kostlan ’56, MBA ’62
Christina McKinney ’68 and H. Webber McKinney ’68, MS ’69◊
Patricia Poon ’65 and Dudley Poon◊
Carol Niersbach Saxton and Gary L. Saxton ’72
Jean Schultz and William Schultz

FELLOWS $5,000+


Helen Bogatin ’44, MS ’47†
David Cash EdD ’08 and Heather Cash EdD ’18
Kavita Gupta and Rahul Gupta◊
Thomas Halvorsen EdD ’80 and Barbara Halvorsen ’70, MS ’71
Peter Mather EdD ’81
Neil Matsumori ’63
Aki Miyasaki ’56 and John Miyasaki
Christine Marie Ofiesh ’82
Maria Ott PhD ’94 and Thomas Ott
Lawrence Picus and Susan Pasternak
John Roach EdD ’88 and Johanna Roach ’75
Karen Sherman ’90 and Chris Sherman ’90

SCHOLARS $2,500+


Reveta Bowers ’70 and Robert Bowers
Genaro Carapia MS ’84 and Lai Tan Carapia◊
Terry Crawford*
Jacquelyn Dylla MPT ’94, DPT ’01
Marjory Newell MS ’74 and Frank Newell JD ’75
Dianne Saurenman MS ’71, PhD ’77*
Charlene Shimada ’91 and Thomas Shimada ’88
Katherine Thorossian EdD ’09
Marilyn von KleinSmid-Randolph ’60 and Charles Randolph


MENTORS $1,000+


Teri Adams MBA ’04*
James Berk and Jane Berk*
Donald Brann Jr. ’68 EdD ’82 and Sari Brann
Sally Butterbaugh Alvino ’72, MS ’74
Rudy Castruita EdD ’82 and Jean Castruita
Joan Donnelly ’59 and William Donnelly
Howard Farber BS ’79 and Rebekah Farber*
Nadine Farber MS ’80, MSW ’90
Gregory Franklin ’83, EdD ’97 and Debbie Franklin
Susan Lynn Friedman ME ’10, EdD ’13*
Max Futrell EdD ’86
Stuart Gothold EdD ’74 and Jane Gothold
Robert Haley EdD ’01
Elizabeth Hall Hamilton EdD ’12
Sharon Hoyt ’64 and Howard Hoyt
Kevin Hryciw EdD ’17
Barbara Johnson ’53, JD ’70 and Ronald Johnson
Peggy Johnson BS ’56*
Susan Johnson EdD ’96 and Keith Johnson
Kent Keith EdD ’96 and Elizabeth Keith
Mary Jo Lass PhD ’66
Ortha Lehman MS ’63
Donald Leisey EdD ’73 and Patricia Leisey
Donald Matsumori MS ’60, MLA ’76, PhD ’82*
Tena Mitchell MS ’76
Michelle Moore MAT ’16
Brent Noyes ’75, MS ’79 and Virginia Noyes
Susan Parks ’68, MS’76, EdD ’’90
Margo Pensavalle EdD ’93 and Lawrence Gross
Marlene Pollack-Taussig BS ’69 and Eric Taussig
Judy Roth MS ’74 and Andrew Roth*
Robin Schluter Davis ’65
Edward Sullivan III ’87, MS ’92, PhD ’98
Melora Sundt and Robert Kadota
Marilyn Thomas ’62, MS ’74
David Verdugo EdD ’05 and Susanna Verdugo
Gloria Bess Widmann MS ’69
Carla Wohl and Norm Johnston
Sonja Yates EdD ’90
Candace Yee ’68, MS ’69 and James Yee MS ’66, PhD ’74
Ruben Zepeda II EdD ’05 and Sarah Zepeda EdD ’17




Sherilyn Amos-Grosser ’04
Gerald Angove PhD ’73 and Constance Angove
Marcelle Ansolabehere BS ’56 and George Ansolabehere
Michele Arceneaux-Bishop BS ’81 and Michael Bishop BS ’80*
Wanda Armstrong EdD ’92*
Patrick Auerbach EdD ’08 and David Kaminski*
Bobby Avant ’62, MS ’63 and Deanna Avant
Lester Baer MS ’71
Joann Baird
Rachel Beal and Ron Beal
Rita Darlene Bishop EdD ’01 and Lewis Bishop
George Blanc MS ’73 and Esther Blanc
John Bogie EdD ’86 and Judy Bogie
Sally Botzler PhD ’89 and Richard Botzler*
Manuel Burciaga EdD ’17 and Erin Burciaga
Roy Chinn DDS ’79 and Jo Ann Chinn
David Clark MS ’76 and Janet Clark
Melba Coleman PhD ’80 and George Coleman Jr.
Anthony Dalessi PhD ’82
Hasmik Danielian EdD ’09 and Arsen Danielian
Jack Davis MS ’68 and Marsha Davis MS ’69
Matt DeGrushe ME ’04 and Nick Simmons
Janet Eddy ’53, MS ’78, PhD ’91 and James Eddy ’52
James Elsasser EdD ’11 and Lori Elsasser
Katherine Farlow ’66
Steven Fish EdD ’97 and Susan Fish
Michael Gladden MS ’68 and Sandy Gladden*
Stephen Goldstone EdD ’77 and Linda Goldstone
Paul Gothold EdD ’17*
Bobby Joe Hampton ’60 MS ’62 and Judith Hampton
Gunn Marie Hansen MS ’96, PhD ’00*
Peggy Hayward EdD ’89 and Stanley Hayward
Chio Heng Kenneth Iong EdD ’15*
Frances Johnson EdD ’84 and Thomas Johnson*
Sandra N. Kaplan MS ’70*
Debbie Katsogianes ’83, MS ’85
Catherine Kawaguchi EdD ’14
Terry Knapper PhD ’76 and Dee Knapper
Patricia Leader BS ’77
Gary Lieskovsky and Joanne Sakamoto
Patrick Siew Gian Liew EdD ’15*
William McDermott MS ’70 PhD ’77 and Sandra McDermott
Jeanne McDonald-Powers BA ’82 and Travis Powers*
Mary McNeil MS ’80, PhD ’96
Melissa Moore EdD ’14
Deborah Myman ’70, MS ’74 and Robert Myman JD ’70
Kathleen Nitta ’70
Harold O’Neil*
Rauline Ochs MBA ’85*
Eric O’Leary*
Nancy Plunkett MS ’69 and Thomas Plunkett
William Rakow BA ’69, MS ’70 and Christine Rakow BS ’70*
Raul Ramirez BA ’01, EdD ’14*
Judith Reiling ’64 and Ben Reiling
Darline Robles PhD ’93 and Frank Robles
Joel Shawn EdD ’93
Wendy Sidley MS ’95*
Julie Slayton*
Sherine Smith EdD ’14
Wesley Smith EdD ’05 and Julie Smith
Gail Spann-Greer EdD ’09
Nancy Tuz MAT ’15 and Peter Tuz
Fred Van Leuven EdD ’88
Nancy Walker BA ’88, MS ’91, PhD ’01 and Michael Roberts
Mai-Ying Maxine Woo-Allen MS ’67*


*New Academy Member
◊ Multi-Year Pledge Payment
† Deceased

We have made every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this honor roll. If you discover an error or omission, please contact:

Matt DeGrushe

Director of Alumni Engagement
(213) 821-2670