Faculty participating in the USC STEM Education Pipeline Consortium

Among the faculty participating in the USC STEM Education Pipeline Consortium:

DR. GISELE RAGUSA is Research Associate Professor with a joint appointment in the Rossier School of Education and the Viterbi School of Engineering, and is Director of the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation. She has led a number of research studies in both K-12 and university STEM education. She specializes in teacher education and retention, literacy education, teacher education supervision, content literacy, early childhood special education, deaf education, engineering education, and assessment and measurement in STEM education.

DR. JOHN BROOKS SLAUGHTER is Professor of Education at Rossier School of Education and Professor of Engineering at Viterbi School of Engineering. His education research has been in the areas of higher education leadership, diversity and inclusion in higher education, underrepresented minorities in STEM, and access and affordability. With a joint appointment at Rossier and Viterbi, Slaughter focuses on the intersection between engineering and education, with the goal of increasing minority participation in the science and engineering fields.

DR. LOURDES BAEZCONDE is Associate Professor in Preventive Medicine and Sociology at the Keck School of Medicine. Her work focuses on community-based research and public health initiatives that explore the role of culture in health behaviors, with an emphasis on the elimination of health disparities.

DR. P. DANIEL DAPKUS is the William M. Keck Professor of Engineering and the Director of the Photonics Center at the Viterbi School of Engineering. His research includes the development of photonic materials and devices.

TRACY FULLERTON, MFA, is Associate Professor in the Interactive Media Division of the School of Cinematic Arts, and Director of the Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab. She is a game design expert and author specializing in game innovation, video game aesthetics and next generation games and entertainment.

DR. TED LEE is Associate Professor for the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Viterbi. His research is in the broad area of responsive surfactant systems, namely systems that are tunable through manipulation of some external variable.

DR. ALICE C. PARKER is Professor of Electrical Engineering in the USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering at Viterbi. She is a former Division Director for Computer Engineering, a former Dean of Graduate Studies, and a former Vice Provost for Research at USC. Parker studies biomimetic synthetic neural circuits, network synthesis, and heterogeneous multiprocessor synthesis.

MARK REDEKOPP, MS, is Associate Professor of Engineering Practice and Senior Lecturer in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering at Viterbi. His research is in computer architecture, high performance computing, parallel and distributed systems, multicore and multiprocessor systems.

DR. JEAN SHIH is University Professor and Boyd & Elsie Welin Professor at the Keck School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy. Her work focuses on monoamine oxidase, also known as MAO, an enzyme that regulates brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and norpinephrine.

DR. LOWELL STOTT is Professor of Earth Sciences at Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. His research seeks to understand what factors govern the behavior of Earth’s climate system.

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