Theresa Elpidia Hernandez

Theresa Elpidia Hernandez

Cohort: 2016

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Julie Posselt


Higher Education

Research Interest

Institutional change for equity in higher education; intersectionality, CRT, and org theory; graduate student and faculty professional learning/development; policy implementation

Theresa Elpidia Hernandez

Theresa Elpidia Hernandez is a research assistant at the Pullias Center for Higher Education and works with Dr. Julie Posselt examining racial and gender inequities in graduate education to improve inclusive and equitable practices and policies. 

Her research combines intersectionality and organizational theories to examine diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts in academia. Her dissertation explores how practitioners participate in grant-funded higher education equity-related initiatives, focusing on the perspectives and experiences of women of color.

Hernandez completed her bachelor’s in comparative ethnic studies with a sociology focus at Columbia University and earned her master’s in higher and postsecondary education from Teachers College.

Honors and Awards:

2018 Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention

Selected Publications

  • Posselt, J., Hernandez, T. E., Villarreal, C. D., Rodgers, A. J., & Irwin, L. N. (2020). Evaluation and Decision Making in Higher Education: Toward Equitable Repertoires of Faculty Practice. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research: Volume 35, 1-63.

  • Posselt, J., Hernandez, T. E., & Villarreal, C. D. (2019). Choose Wisely: Making Decisions With and For Equity in Higher Education. In Higher Education Administration for Social Justice and Equity (pp. 43-66). Routledge.

  • Posselt, J. R., Hernandez, T. E., Cochran, G. L., & Miller, C. W. (2019). Metrics First, Diversity Later? Making the Short List and Getting Admitted to Physics PhD Programs. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering25(4).

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