Suneal Kolluri
Suneal  Kolluri

Suneal Kolluri

Cohort: 2015

Rossier Dean's Fellowship

MA - Stanford University
BA - University of California, Los Angeles

Contact info

kolluri@usc.eduPhone: 5102258441Curriculum Vitae


Higher Education

Research Interest

School Stratifications and Academic Tracking, College readiness and persistence for marginalized youth, Urban High Schools, Teaching for Civic Engagement, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.

Suneal Kolluri

Suneal Kolluri is a PhD student in the University of Southern California School of Education. He is a Research Assistant in the Pullias Center and currently works on a project funded by the First in the World grant that aims to expand college access for low-income youth through online gaming. 

Prior to attending USC, he was a high school social studies teacher for ten years -- nine in Oakland public schools, and one as a student teacher in San Francisco Unified School District as a student teacher in the Stanford Teacher Education Program. He has received a number of accolades for exemplary teaching.


Professional Experience:

Teacher, 7 years - Oakland Unified School District; 2 years - Aspire Public Schools

Honors and Awards:

National Board Certified Teacher - Social Studies; Nominee, Oakland Unified School District Teacher of the Year (2X)


Selected Publications

  • Kolluri, S.  (2018). Advanced Placement: The Dual Challenge of Access and Effectiveness. Review of Educational Research
  • Kolluri, S. (2018). Student Perspectives on the Common Core: The Challenge of College Readiness at Urban High Schools. Urban Education.
  • Kolluri, S. & Tierney W.G. (2018). “College For All?” in Capitalist America: The Postsecondary Emphasis in a Digital Age. Tertiary Education and Management. 1-12
  • Kolluri, S. (2017). Politicizing Pedagogy: Teaching for Liberty and Justice at Urban Schools. Phi Delta Kappan, 99(4), 39-44.

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