Arely L. Acuña Avilez
Arely L. Acuña Avilez

Arely L. Acuña Avilez

Cohort: 2015

Rossier Dean's Fellowship

M.Ed. Student Affairs

UC Irvine
B.A. International Studies



Higher Education

Research Interest

College access for historically underrepresented students; academic persistence of Latinx college students; civic engagement through student organizations; educational experiences of immigrant and undocumented youth

Arely L. Acuña Avilez

Arely Acuña Avilez is a doctoral student advised by Dr. Adrianna Kezar and Dr. Kristan Venegas. She is a research assistant at the Pullias Center for Higher Education. Before pursuing her doctoral studies, she worked as a research assistant in the Office of Residential Life at UCLA where she conducted assessment and evaluation for the living-learning and theme communities. During her time at UCLA, she completed her master’s degree in Student Affairs, and served as an intergroup dialogue facilitator. Arely also earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies from UC Irvine, where she developed an interest in student affairs and research on higher education through her various involvements on campus.

Her research interests include student civic engagement, student organizations, and the educational experiences that contribute to the academic persistence of historically underrepresented students, particularly for immigrant and undocumented youth in higher education. 


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