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Master of Education in Learning, Design and Technology online (LDT online) Mock Class Webinar


What is Motivation and How Can I Increase it for My Learners? Have you ever wondered if you can actually ÒseeÓ motivation? ÒHave you wondered what causes motivation and how to increase it? Join Dr. Helena Seli and others in a sample online class for the MasterÕs in Learning Design and Technology program. We will: 1. define motivation into visible terms 2. articulate motivationÕs most significant underlying psychological factors 3. discuss specific strategies designed to increase motivation Prior to coming to the live session, please read this education.com article about one of the most important motivational theories, the Expectancy-Value Theory: http://www.education.com/reference/article/expectancy-value-motivational-theory/ The live session will be one hour long.