Emerging Research at Rossier

HHS-Reach-Jan2013Patricia Burch and Morgan Polikoff are conducting research on blended learning and its effects at USC Hybrid High School, the new Los Angeles public charter school designed and developed by the Rossier School. The school’s unique model is characterized by personalized learning plans, extended school hours, and digital curricula and tools, woven with comprehensive social, academic and emotional supports to meet the needs of students most likely to drop out of a traditional school.

Burch and Polikoff lead a mixed method team of Rossier graduate students in examining the implementation and impact of this teaching model, which has been largely unstudied to date. The research team will look at how blended learning is experienced by students and faculty, and its impact on student achievement.

The study will also lay the groundwork for instrumentation that can be adopted, transformed and improved in the hundreds of blended learning experiments being launched in charter schools and regular public K-12 schools around the U.S. and internationally.

This article was featured in the January, 2013 Issue of Rossier Reach