College Access Day Introduces Local Teens to College Admissions Process

EdD Student Corliss Bennett-McBride, USC Director of Black Cultural and Student Affairs

EdD Student Corliss Bennett-McBride, USC Director of Black Cultural and Student Affairs

USC’s South Area Residential College and Rossier held their first annual College Access Day on April 26, 2013. Thirty high school students and two teachers from Compton’s Centennial High School learned about college admissions from USC faculty, staff, admissions counselors, and current undergraduate students.

The event was organized by EdD student and South Area Resident Coordinator Shenora Plenty and Rossier professor and South Area Resident Fellow John Pascarella. Pascarella attributes much of the day’s success to Plenty’s vision, leadership, networking, and organizational skills in the planning, design, and experience of college readiness activities that the students encountered.

EdD student Corliss Bennett-McBride, who serves as USC’s Director of Black Cultural and Student Affairs, performed an instrumental role in the morning activities by leading an informative and evocative presentation on the college admissions process. During afternoon breakout sessions, students recalled the lessons of Bennett-McBride’s discussion – to get in the “T-Zone” of the professor (or the space in which the professor is likely to move within a hall/classroom during lecture/class time).

The event would not have been possible without the dedication of undergraduate resident volunteers of USC South Area and other members USC student organizations who participated. USC South Area is looking forward to continuing its public service work and commitment to social justice activities with the leadership of its resident faculty and staff in coming school years.