Dr. Darnell Cole’s Project Awarded $500K from Covered California Health Benefit Exchange

Darnell Cole

Dr. Darnell Cole

Darnell Cole’s H.O.M.E + S.T.E.M Project was recently awarded $500,000 from Covered California Health Benefit Exchange to assist in promoting public awareness and informing consumers about their options to obtain affordable health coverage through Covered California. The H.O.M.E + S.T.E.M project is a research project that examines the relationship between college students’ participation in healthcare-related policy implementation and their persistence in healthcare-related college majors. The Student Teaching Engagement Model (S.T.E.M.), along with H.O.M.E. (Health Outreach through Mobile Education), combines the most fundamental college-based interactions with hi-tech mobile devices to facilitate an innovative delivery process between college students regarding affordable health-care options in the state of California.

Cole’s interdisciplinary research involves students in STEM fields, students’ intellectual engagement, diversity, and student-faculty interactions. He has published over 30 articles and book chapters and has served on the faculty of Marquette University and the University of Hawaii, Manoa.