January 30th, 2011
USC Rossier School of Education

Rossier Reach Issue 2, January 2011

The January, 2011 edition of Reach examines how Rossier faculty research is impacting critical issues of K-12 governance, management, alternative reform models and measures of success.

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October 30th, 2010
USC Rossier School of Education

Rossier Reach Issue 1, October 2010

The October, 2010 edition of Rossier Reach focuses on college access – a priority of the Obama Administration and a critical field of scholarship in which USC Rossier continues to make significant contributions.

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October 28th, 2009
The publication of Education Research

Rossier Research Brochure October 2009

Our world class faculty conducts rigorous, cutting edge research in five critical areas: Governance and Accountability, including the affect of policy on access, quality and equity in education; Economics and Finance, including resource allocation and utilization; Organizational Leadership, looking at human behavior, motivation and productivity; Politics and Public Policy, encompassing setting, implementing and evaluating policy; and Learning and Motivation, looking at the psychology of education.