October 28th, 2021
A high school student concentrates on school work at her desk as educational leaders nationally debate whether to abolish the SAT

The SAT May Be Abolished. What Will Replace It?

In the wake of the test-optional movement at colleges and universities, institutions are reconsidering how they evaluate student applications.

October 26th, 2021
A young student poses next to her 3D printing project in a STEM classroom

For Some Students, Technology Is a Barrier. Here’s What STEM Educators Can Do About It.

Alumni essay: Black and Latinx students face a lack of technology preparation, leading to underrepresentation in the tech industry. Dieuwertje J. Kast EdD ‘20 outlines how STEM programs can address the problem.

October 22nd, 2021
Two Black educational leaders talk at a conference.

Somehow I Will Be Free: Leading and Learning While Black

Student essay: EDL student Darnell Fine on serving — and challenging — an industry with a history of marginalizing Black educators.

October 14th, 2021
Three women of color laugh while networking during a unique women's leadership development opportunity

Why Organizations Need Unique Women’s Leadership Development Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World

Alumni essay: OCL alumna Maria Cozette Akopian EdD ’20 created the first women’s leadership program offered in California State University, Los Angeles’ history. Here’s why it was necessary.

October 1st, 2021
A screenshot from the Trials and Tribulations of the New School Year webinar

Navigating School Controversies: Experts Offer Guidance for Educators

The 2021 school year is marked by unprecedented controversies. Experts across education share insights for managing sensitive issues.

September 1st, 2021
Students in cap and gown listen to a speech at a commencement ceremony. Graduation rates are one example of student success.

What Is Student Success? New Insight Into a Complex Question

A new study from the Pullias Center for Higher Education shows how institutions can better support first-generation and historically marginalized students.

August 30th, 2021
Two women in higher education network at a university event

Student’s Award Highlights Accomplishments, Challenges for Women in Higher Education

USC Rossier student Maria Salgado discusses her grant, and how institutions can improve support for women in higher education.

August 24th, 2021
Attendees of a school board meeting with their masks pulled down listen attentively to speakers

How School Boards Became Lightning Rods for Controversy

From the pandemic to culture wars, school boards have become targets for outrage nationwide.

August 17th, 2021
A female teacher kneels down next to a female student, helping her with a school assignment on her laptop, and highlighting how schools can use data effectively.

How Can Schools Use Data Effectively?

Data is a powerful tool for educators in K-12 settings. Here’s how it can be optimized to help students and communities, according to a superintendent.

August 13th, 2021
A United States Senate panel featuring Elizabeth Warren discusses the effects of the student loan debt crisis

Who Is Most Affected by the Student Loan Debt Crisis?

The student loan debt crisis impacts scores of Americans, but the effects are worse for women and some marginalized populations. What can higher education do to help?