DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund

DSAG Scholarship Winners

The Dean’s Superintendents Advisory Group (DSAG) established an endowment in January 2013 to provide scholarships to Rossier EdD candidates who aspire to superintendency. Scholarships are awarded annually to three outstanding members of the EdD student community. Recipients of the DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund are recognized at the annual DSAG Awards Dinner held in Monterey, California.

Your Participation Counts

Through the generous participation of DSAG members and donors, the endowment has grown considerably. In 2017 we achieved our initial goal of raising $500,000 for the endowment. Our new goal is to raise $1,000,000 by 2022. Annual gifts help by growing the endowment, ultimately supporting more students over time with larger scholarship awards.

Past Recipients


Beth Rabel Blackman
Elizabeth Morales Leon
Kenya Williams


Manuel Burciaga
Kevin Hryciw
Ron Tanimura


Gary Garcia
Lawton Gray III
Elias Vargas


Melissa Moore
Ramiro Rubalcaba
Catherine Kawaguchi


Crystal Smith Turner
Oryla Wiedoeft

John Roach '88

John Roach ’88

California educators are being asked to meet the highest standards while being funded at the lowest levels in America. To make a difference for the students, we need leaders trained to transform education in urban schools.

– John Roach EdD ’88
Fundraising Chair, DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund


DSAG Endowed Scholarship Honor Roll

A special thank you to those who have so generously made a gift to support the DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund this fiscal year+:

Robert Allard ’98, MS ’01, EdD ’16*
Tod Anton ’51, MS ’54, PhD ’64
Kevin C. Baxter EdD ’04*
Rita Bishop EdD ’01*
LaGayle Black EdD ’93*
John Bogie EdD ’86*
Particia Brent-Sanco EdD ’16*
David Cash EdD ’08*
Rudy Castruita EdD ’82*
Margaret Chidester EdD ’95*
Ellen Curtin EdD ’92
Wendy Doty EdD ’92
James Elsasser EdD ’11*
Michael F. Escalante EdD ’02*
Robert E. Ferris PhD ’65*
Gregory A. Franklin ’83, EdD ’97 *
Katherine Frazier ’79, MS ’82, EdD ’08*
Stephen Goldstone EdD ’77*
Stuart Gothold EdD ’74*
David Hagen ’67, MS ’68, EdD ’93*
Robert Haley EdD ’01*
Thomas Halvorsen EdD ’80*
Charles Hinman EdD ’02*
Darvin Jackson EdD ’15*
Sue Cramton Johnson EdD ’96*
Catherine Kawaguchi EdD ’14*
Janice Kerr MS ’66
Douglas Kimberly EdD ’08*
Michelle King EdD ’17
Anthony Knight EdD ’06
Donald Leisey EdD ’73*
Fred Van Leuven EdD ’88*
Billye Raye Lipscomb EdD ’85
Steven Lowder EdD ’92*
Stephen Lucasi*
Sandra Lyon
William McDermott MS ’70, PhD ’77*
Carolyn McKennan EdD ’92
Jack McLaughlin MS ’65, PhD ’68
Michael J. McLaughlin PhD ’77*
Jon McNeil EdD ’17*
Mary McNeil MS ’80, PhD ’96*
Melissa Moore EdD ’14
Maria Ott PhD ’94*
Stefanie Phillips EdD ’05*
Lawrence Picus*
Susan Rainey EdD ’83*
Don Remley EdD ’84
John Roach EdD ’88*
Darline Robles PhD ’93*
Alejandro J. Rojas EdD ’08*
Patrick Sayne EdD ’88
Joel Shawn EdD ’93*
Robert Slaby MS ’72, PhD ’79*
Wesley Irvin Smith EdD ’05*
Katherine Thorossian EdD ’09*
David Verdugo EdD ’05*
Don Wilson
Sonja Yates EdD ’90*
Ruben Zepeda EdD ’05*

+ As of June 20, 2017. The fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th.
*Donors recognized in The Academy, the school’s leadership annual giving society.

DSAG Endowment News:

For more information please contact:

Matt DeGrushe

Director of Alumni Engagement
(213) 821-2670