Commitment to Continuous Improvement

3 students at computerRossier leads the way in innovative, collaborative solutions to improve education outcomes. Our work is field-based, in the classroom, and online, and reflects a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We pride ourselves on innovation in all our programs, preparing teachers, administrators, and educational leaders who are change agents. We support the most forward- thinking scholars and researchers, whose work is having direct impact on student success in K-12 schools and higher education. We are leaders in using cutting-edge technology to scale up our quality programs for maximum impact.

Office for Program and Professional Improvement

After successful completion of the accreditation process, The Office for Program and Professional Improvement has expanded to include not only these activities but also ongoing program improvement and the professional improvement of educators through our non-degree programs.  As such, we are now the Office of Program and Professional Improvement.  The office continues to be charged with the responsibility to coordinate and support the activities of program faculty and staff to create proficiencies shared by the unit through the Conceptual Framework and Strategic Plan, aligned with state and professional standards, and measured through key assessments and other metrics.

In 2012, the USC Rossier School of Education became a candidate for joint CTC/NCATE accreditation. We believe this is an opportunity to develop a school wide system of consistent data collection, analysis, and continuous improvement. It is an opportunity to see what we know about our programs’ effectiveness – what we are doing well and where we need to make changes. This process of self-study and inquiry is a valuable, important and impactful undertaking.

On Thursday, February 6, 2014 USC Rossier was granted accreditation approval from the CTC.  See release here:  Rossier Receives Unanimous Accreditation Approval

Conceptual Framework

The USC Rossier School of Education’s Conceptual Framework establishes our vision, guiding principles, and criteria for assessments that measure the School’s efforts to prepare candidates to work effectively in P-12 educational settings.

Assessment and Evaluation Guide for Improvement System (AEGIS)

The USC Rossier School of Education implements an assessment system called AEGIS (Assessment and Evaluation Guide for Improvement System) for ongoing program and unit evaluation and improvement. The modern concept of aegis (Greek: Αιγίς; pronounced as ējis is doing something under the protection or authority of a powerful and knowledgeable source. The purpose of AEGIS is to provide the USC Rossier School of Education with a continuous improvement system derived from its Conceptual Framework and grounded in its Mission, Strategic Plan, and Guiding Principles.

(Complete Accreditation Materials)