A letter to the USC Rossier community from Dean Noguera

To the USC Rossier Community,

The recent mass shootings serve as yet another reminder that we are living in dangerous times, and all of us are at risk. The combination of easy access to weapons, a broken mental health system and growing anger fanned by politicians has created a lethal and dangerous mix.

The school shootings in Uvalde, Texas are particularly unsettling. The need to keep kids safe is essential and the fact that teachers of the 19 slain students gave their lives trying to protect their students reminds us how important the role of educators is. In loco parentis has new meaning for all of us.

All of us in the USC Rossier community touch education. Many of us are in classrooms and on K–12 campuses every day. The threat to our safety is real. It is scary. It impacts not only each of us individually, but our families. This will hit all of us in different ways. In the coming days, please hold each other close. Give each other the space to process. Most importantly, channel this into collective action that ends this omnipresent terror inflicted upon us as educators and the students we serve.

As we contemplate how to address the threats we face and the inability of our policymakers to enact meaningful and effective measures to deter future violence, we want to offer some resources to educational leaders who are likely to be called upon to take action to reassure the families and staff they serve that measures will be taken in an attempt to assure their safety.

Here are a few resources that we think may be helpful:

Fight On!!


Pedro A. Noguera, PhD
Emery Stoops and Joyce King Stoops Dean