Rossier EdD Candidates Visit Costa Rica to Study Globalization

costarica-featureTwelve Rossier EdD candidates and Dr. Mike Escalante recently visited Costa Rica, where they studied the impact of globalization and multinational corporations on schools and universities in that country.

They are the first group of USC Rossier doctoral students to base their thematic dissertation on research conducted in another country. Their study is the first to examine how Intel and other multinational corporations are investing in schools and universities in Costa Rica, collaborating with education, government, and economic leaders to move the country towards a knowledge-based economy. Costa Rica has experienced significant changes since the 1980’s when the national economy was almost entirely based on bananas, coffee, and sugar cane. Presently, a large portion of the GDP is comprised of technology exports and technology services. This has required students be trained with 21st-Century skills and prepared to compete in a global knowledge-based economy.

In the spring of 2014, 14 doctoral students from the class of 2015 will visit Costa Rica to expand on the class of 2014 group’s research. The next group will study the national science and technology fairs which are mandated annually in every K-12 school in Costa Rica. The group will examine the growth in project-based learning, STEM education, and 21st-Century skills as a result of the science and technology fairs.