Curriculum & Faculty


Let our expert writing teachers show you how to address your novice writers’ needs by helping them meet the expectations for academic writing. You will walk away with classroom-ready materials that you can use across the content areas of ELA, Social Studies, and Science.

This two-day institute will cover:

  • Examining novice writers
  • Modeling writing lessons across different writing genres to address the needs of your novice writers
  • Strategies and practical instructional approaches at each stage of the writing process
  • Best approaches during writing conferences to support students’ writing development
  • Integration of the Common Core State Standards in ELA, Social Studies, and Science as you teach different writing genres (expository, argumentative, opinion)

Why should you enroll in this course?

Academic writing, an aspect of academic discourse, is a required skill for students for success in higher education and the workplace. Beyond these practical benefits, however, writing has potential to support development of students’ personal as well as academic and career goals. However, many students consistently do not meet expectations in academic writing, due to lack of opportunity in effective instruction and authentic engagement in consistent, meaningful writing.


Our institute instructors include USC faculty and master teachers of writing instruction.