School Leadership Academy Preliminary Administrative Credential

The School Leadership Academy prepares teachers, counselors, and other educational professionals to take on administrative and leadership positions at a school site level. You will learn frameworks for problem-solving, how to use data to make decisions, how to supervise and evaluate teaching and learning, how to navigate political, cultural and community relations to get things done, how to use social media to reach your stakeholders and how to think entrepreneurially in developing school resources. All of this is put into the application through a two-term fieldwork grounded in your school site.
This fully online program is led by experienced and successful school administrators who guide you throughout the 15-month program in real-time and support you in your flex-time work as well.
Upon successful completion of the program, participants are recommended to the California Teaching Commission to be issued their Preliminary Administrative Credential.  The program also culminates with a certificate of completion and a transcript for 35.5 continuing education units.

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Curriculum Overview

  • How to use school-wide, grade-level, course, individual student, and student subgroup (disaggregated) assessment data to promote increasingly effective instructional practices, programs, and leadership, and improve student learning
  • Apply the concepts of leadership, your leadership style, and how to adapt your leadership style to solve real-world problems in your K-12 setting.
  • Evaluate teachers’ instruction against principles derived from the science of learning.
  • Lead the implementation of a rigorous, relevant and balanced curriculum that reflects and respects the diversity of cultures, histories, and languages represented in the classroom
  • Evaluate instruction for the demonstrated relationship between the sociocultural and cognitive aspects of learning.
  • In collaboration with the community, apply strategies to ensure all families are engaged in meaningful activities aligned with school-wide academic goals.


To apply the concepts taught in the School Leadership Academy, each participant will take on an apprenticeship upon initial enrollment in the program. All of the learning activities are driven by the needs of the practicing administrator in the field and aligns with ISLLC, CTC, and CPSEL standards. Building on this solid curriculum base, your tailored apprenticeship experience is guided by a member of the faculty team who coordinates with your field supervisor ensure satisfactory completion of program standards using formative assessments.