Research Centers

Higher Education Research

Center for Education, Identity and Social Justice is based on three key elements: primary and secondary research that includes counter narrative and focuses on intersectionality; policy, practice and training informed by research; and a commitment and engagement to social justice.

Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice (CERPP) analyzes enrollment issues through the critical perspectives of social science researchers, policymakers, and college and university practitioners.

Center for Human-Applied Reasoning and the Internet of Things (CHARIOT) is a collaboration between Rossier School of Education and Viterbi School of Engineering to revolutionize personal learning by combining cutting-edge cognitive science and education research with emerging technologies from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Center for Urban Education (CUE) leads socially conscious research and develops tools needed for institutions of higher education to produce equity in student outcomes.

Pullias Center for Higher Education is an interdisciplinary research Center established to engage the postsecondary-education community actively, and to serve as an important intellectual center within the Rossier School of Education.

K-12 Education Policy Research

Center on Educational Governance (CEG) focuses on the linkages between policy, educational governance, and the improvement of urban schools and systems. Center researchers use an interdisciplinary approach to study current policy solutions to the educational problems posed by an increasingly global society.