Polikoff report urges innovation in measuring student accountabiliy

November 6, 2013
Morgan Polikoff

Dr. Morgan Polikoff

Politico featured research by Morgan Polikoff, PhD students Stephani Wrabel and Matthew Duque, and North Carolina State University assistant professor Andrew McEachin PhD ’12 in an article titled, “Use No Child waivers to innovate.” The article says that their research paper, “The Waive of the Future? School Accountability in the Waiver Era,” which is presented in the journal Educational Researcher, recommends that states move away from giving schools A-F grades and that th ey seek to be more innovative in how they measure school accountability. The article notes that this paper is the latest input the Department of Education has received regarding its waiver renewal plans for some states for the 2015-16 school year.

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