NPR Quotes Dr. Gale Sinatra Regarding Teachers Attending Industry-sponsored Camps

Gale Sinatra

Dr. Gale Sinatra

NPR Houston affiliate KUHF 88.7 quoted Gale Sinatra in a story titled, “Texas Teachers Learn Science From Mining Industry At ‘Coal Camp’“. The story notes that the Texas mining industry spends about $100,000 per year on camps and workshops to show teachers how coal and other minerals are mined. Sinatra addressed whether it is possible for teachers to gain an unbiased view of coal when they attend a mining industry-sponsored event.

Gale Sinatra, a professor at the University of Southern California, has no problem with teachers attending the coal camp, but hopes they use their critical thinking skills.

“Does the source of the information have an agenda? And does that agenda go beyond the science? If that’s the case, then you should be thoughtful of that and mindful of that,” says Sinatra, who studies how science is taught around the country.