NBC News quotes Dr. Morgan Polikoff in story about cursive writing

Morgan Polikoff

Dr. Morgan Polikoff

NBC News quoted Morgan Polikoff in a story titled, “Technology may script an end to the art of cursive writing.” The story noted that as schools go high-tech, kids are less likely to learn cursive writing. It also noted that the new Common Core Standards do not require children to learn to cursive.

Although some expert believe that cursive should be required, Morgan Polikoff disagrees:

“The fact is that cursive isn’t used in the vast majority of professions or day-to-day activities for the vast majority of people,” he said, “so it’s hard for me to see how learning cursive conveys any sort of advantage.”

Polikoff notes that none of his students at University of Southern California take notes with a pen and paper, and that he rarely writes by hand himself.

“In my day-to-day life, I type 98 percent of the things I write,” he said.

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