Dr. Adrianna Kezar Quoted in Inside Higher Ed About Unionization for Adjuncts

Adrianna Kezar

Dr. Adrianna Kezar

Adrianna Kezar was quoted in an article in Inside Higher Ed titled, “Union Raises for Adjuncts“. Kezar spoke about whether unionization would make a difference for adjuncts.

“[Unionization] does empirically make a difference,” said Adrianna Kezar, professor education at the University of Southern California and director of the Delphi Project to examine and develop the role of adjunct faculty. “It is one of the few changes that helped to make changes so far.”

Kezar said research comparing the working conditions of unionized and non-unionized adjuncts shows that those with collective bargaining power have better salaries and benefits and are more likely to have paid office hours, opportunities for paid professional development and guaranteed participation in governance and other faculty domains.