Journal of Developmental Education Appoints Dr. Helena Seli to Editorial Board

Helena Seli

Dr. Helena Seli

Helena Seli has accepted an appointment to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Developmental Education. As a member of the board, Seli will help bridge the gap between theory and practice and in doing so provide sound advice to the practitioner regarding effective practice.

The Journal is published as a forum for educators concerned with the practice, theory, research, and news of the postsecondary developmental and remedial education community. Its content focuses on basic education and includes topics such as writing, mathematics, reading, tutoring, administration, and program evaluation. In addition, topics focusing on aspects of the affective domain that impact learning—such as locus of control, self-esteem, and cultural influences—are part of the editorial priorities. Emphasis is placed on manuscripts that relate theory to practice, expand current knowledge, or have a clearly demonstrated impact on the field. Its readership is composed largely of practitioners who are applying or seeking information that will help them apply sound principles of teaching, learning, and human development to various at-risk populations of postsecondary students.