Inside Higher Ed features research of Dr. Adrianna Kezar and PhD student Dan Maxey

October 17, 2013
Adrianna Kezar

Dr. Adrianna Kezar,

Inside Higher Ed featured research by Adrianna Kezar and PhD student Dan Maxey in an article about the working conditions of adjuncts titled, “Not Too Expensive to Fix.” Kezar and Maxey published their findings in a paper titled, “Dispelling the Myths: Locating the Resources Needed to Support Non-Tenure-Track Faculty,” as a resource for the Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success[]. They recommend a number of easy, low-cost fixes that universities can implement to improve the working conditions of adjunct professors.

Kezar noted that many of the fixes, such as enhancing data collection to better track adjuncts and inviting them to participate in governance discussions, are either free or low-cost.

“This new resource on how to understand the actual costs to support [adjuncts] should be paradigm-shifting for campus leaders,” she said via e-mail. “So many changes cost little or marginal amounts of money. But they do require priority-setting and making this a goal for departments or institutions.”

Daniel Maxey

Dan Maxey

Maxey said that once institutions start to address adjunct working conditions, they can become convinced that the changes are worthwhile:

“Non-tenure-track faculty are committed educators and should be provided proper support and fair compensation.”