HuffPost features article about online teaching by Sundt, Martinez, Hyde and Ferrario

collegeThe Huffington Post published an article by Melora Sundt, Brandon Martinez, Corinne Hyde and Kimberly Ferrario titled, “The Humbling (at First) Experience of Teaching Online.” They note that when Rossier launched its online Master of Arts in Teaching program in 2009, there was nothing written about how to teach live synchronous classes blended with customized asynchronous resources. Therefore, they had to hit the ground running, test their assumptions and make changes quickly as they learned.

The five key lessons they learned as they adjusted to teaching online are as follows:

  1. Time changes online.
  2. Instructors need to build confidence with the technology and the new classroom.
  3. Engaging Students Requires Far More Structure Than We Expected.
  4. Out-of-class time is valuable learning space.
  5. It’s possible to build great relationships with students online.

The authors note that,

“Robust, interactive online classrooms led by excellent and well-prepared teachers can provide an optimal environment for students to learn.”