Neha Miglani

Neha Miglani

Cohort: 2016

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K-12 Education Policy

Neha Miglani

Neha Miglani (admitted to work with Dr. Tricia Burch) is an education researcher based out of India. Her interest in education policy stems from a deep concern for social equity, and in the last three years she has worked on projects related to the childcentered education reform, education inclusion for the women, educational technology and assessment of student learning. Neha has collaborated with Dr. Patricia Burch over two proposals based on her work in critical policy and implications of privatization in public education. She received her Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Kurukshetra University, and her Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Communications from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, India. Neha has been admitted to the program as a K-12 Education Policy student and will continue to work with Tricia Burch.

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