Neil G. Jacobson
Neil G. Jacobson

Neil G. Jacobson

Cohort: 2016

Université Grenoble Alpes
Master of Educational Sciences

California State University Chico
M.A.: Interdisciplinary Studies specialization in International Cognitive Visualization
M.A.: Psychological Science
B.A.: Psychology

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Educational Psychology

Neil G. Jacobson

Neil Jacobson (admitted to work with Dr. Gale Sinatra) is currently a dual-master’s degree candidate in the International Cognitive Visualization (ICV) Program at California State University, Chico. He is interested in text and graphic comprehension and multimedia learning as they apply to contexts including; conceptual change, science education, litigation law, and informal learning environments. Despite the ubiquity of visual representations in textbooks and online learning materials, Neil believes we have yet to fully leverage their educational affordances. It is these interests and his desire to affect change that drew him to the work of Dr. Gale Sinatra and her team in the Motivated Change Research Laboratory.

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