Robert W Danielson
Robert W Danielson

Robert W Danielson

Cohort: 2012

Rossier Dean's Fellowship

BA in Psychology at the California State University, Chico
MA in Psychological Science at the California State University, Chico



Educational Psychology

Research Interest

Promoting conceptual change across various controversial science topics using metaphorical graphics, digital media, and refutation texts in both formal and informal learning environments.

Robert W Danielson

Robert W. Danielson is a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. At Rossier, Robert works with Dr. Gale Sinatra to research conceptual change of socio-scientific concepts. He has a B.A. in psychology and a M.A. in psychological science from California State University, Chico. His research explores how graphics and metaphors facilitate learning, conceptual change of complex scientific concepts, and STEM learning. He is also interested in the public’s understanding (and misunderstanding) of science and the implications for educational policy. He is the inaugural recipient of the Richard C. Anderson Graduate Student Research Award (2015).


Honors and Awards:

2015     Inaugural recipient of the Richard C. Anderson Graduate Student Research Award

2015     Nominated for Provost’s Mentored Teaching Fellowship Award

2014     Graduate Scholar Award, Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

2013     Poster Selected for Highlight at Division C Business Meeting at AERA

Selected Publications

  • Danielson, R. W., Schwartz, N. H., & Lippmann, M. (2015). Metaphorical Graphics Aid Learning and Memory. Learning and Instruction, 39, 194-205.
  • Sinatra, G. M. & Danielson, R. W. (2014). Adapting to a Warmer Climate of Science Communication. BioScience, doi:10.1093/biosci/biu023
  • Danielson, R. W. & Lombardi, D. (in press). More Money Less Acceptance: The Relationship between GDP, Science Literacy, and Acceptance of Human-Induced Climate Change. Accepted for publication at the International Journal of Climate Change: Impact and Responses.

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